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May 2009 - A Chocolate Wonderland

Jean-Charles RochouxWhat could be more luxurious than biting into a morsel of unctuous chocolate made by one of the leading chocolatiers of Paris? We paid a visit to Jean-Charles Rochoux at his shop on rue d’Assas and learned about his passion for the cocoa bean. Read our account in this month’s Paris Insights.

In April, we returned to a bistrot where we had not dined for some time, and discovered that the food was just as good as we remembered it. We give a full report about our experience at La Robe et Le Palais in our restaurant review Le Bon Goût.

Until the mid-twentieth century, the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris was home to a great number of manufacturing facilities, including a chocolate factory. We give an account of the Meunier-Lombart plant in our feature Paris, Past and Present.

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