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April 2009 - Cinéma des Cinéastes

Cinéma des CinéastesIn 1994, a French company associating film authors, producers, and directors (Société civile des Auteurs, Réalisateurs, et Producteurs) joined in partnership with the National Center of Cinematography and the city of Paris to open the Cinéma des Cinéastes. The mission of this movie house is to provide a place where the film-loving public can attend discussions with filmmakers as well as view screenings of documentaries, retrospectives, shorts, previews, and other films. We interviewed director Elise Leroy to learn about the dynamic vision that she and her staff have for presenting films in all their diversity.

We also attended a free concert held in the cinema’s restaurant, Bistrot des Cinéastes, and enjoyed listing to songs from the movies performed by Myriam Bouk.

And finally, while researching information about the César—the French equivalent of the American Oscar—for our Paris, Past and Present feature, we learned that American film star Dustin Hoffman received one at the most recent award ceremony. Read our account in this month’s Paris Insights.

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