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June 2008 - The Boating Life: On Board with Mort Rosenblum

Mort RosenblumThis month we climb aboard American journalist Mort Rosenblum's "admiral’s gig" on the Seine to investigate life on the river. Rosenblum acquired this vessel over twenty years ago and has never looked back. Though he spends time on his olive farm in southern France as well as teaching abroad, he always returns to the Seine. He recently launched the quarterly review Dispatches, whose mission is to "...spark curiosity and provide factual bases to inspire discussion, protest, and change." Read our account in this month's issue of Paris Insights.

We dined at Le Déci last month and were delighted to discover a restaurant where the freshness of the ingredients match the quality of presentation and the refinement of the cuisine. This is informal dining at its best! We give a full report in our feature Le Bon Goût.

And finally, in Paris, Past and Present we take a look at boating life in Le Port de Plaisance de Paris – Arsenal. Located just south of place de la Bastille, this harbor has the capacity for docking up to 170 boats.

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