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September 2007 - Paris - F. Scott Fitzgerald's Babylon

Place de la ConcordeSeptember is the birth month of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Much of his young adulthood, including his legendary excesses, took place in Paris. Though “Scott” professed not to like France much, we find that his descriptions of Paris in the short story “Babylon Revisited” indicate that he was touched by its beauty and aura. In this month's Paris Insights, we present this story and the man behind it.

We have been longing to return to L'Ourcine after having dined there when it first opened in March 2004. We recently learned that it is now a non-smoking restaurant. Read our review in this month's Quest for Smoke-Free Dining to learn why we plan to return again and again.

Vélib' is the name of the revolution that is changing the way people think about public transportation in the City of Light. Read about it in this edition of Paris, Past and Present.

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