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November 2013 - A Conversation with Ferdinand Ezembé

Dr. Ferdinand Ezembé, psychologist and president of CAPDiv, a cultural organization that promotes diversity in France, granted Discover Paris! an exclusive interview on what every day life is like for blacks in Paris.  Read his frank reply to our questions in this month's Paris Insights.

Thierry Poincin operates En Vrac, a cave à vin in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.  In this month's Le Bon Goût, learn why travelers who seek an authentic French dining experience will find it here, far off the bustling tourist circuit of central Paris.

Journalist Harry Roselmack was the first French person of African descent to report the news on prime-time broadcast television.  Learn more about his career in this month's Paris, Past and Present.

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Do you anticipate that you will feel intimidated by the thought of dining out when you visit the City of Light? Read our For Your Dining Pleasure guide and find the advice and instruction you need to give you the confidence to venture forth and enjoy your dining experience.

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