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August 2013 - Pierre Charial - Noteur

Pierre Charial

In this month's Paris Insights newsletter we meet Pierre Charial, whose job - noteur - is probably the rarest in the world.  In fact, there are only four professional noteurs in all of France!

Edith Gnapié and Jean-Benoit Chauveau

Edith Gnapié and Jean-Benoit Chauveau are co-proprietors of Ohinéné, a recently-opened Ivoiran restaurant located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.  Read about our splendid dining experience there in this month's Le Bon Goût.

Mechanical Organ by Davrainville fils

The instrument in this photograph is a mechanical organ, manufactured in Paris in the 18th century.  Learn more about it in this month's Paris, Past and Present.

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